Can Black People Be Racist?

With this document, I aim to appeal to the reader to carefully and patiently consider the following portrait of a proposition to a controversial subject along with its limitations, prejudices, and idiosyncrasies. Many subjects discussed have incited me to reflection and action, but the matter of whether or not African Americans can be racist has succeeded in drawing me out as a writer. Continue reading Can Black People Be Racist?


A Suggestion for Concerned Black People with Undergraduate Degrees

A command of Logic and standard English can be used to understand and challenge the conclusions of landlords, employers, politicians, clergy, scholars, and other power brokers. In a country with a verified history of racism, black people should carefully scrutinize every document and conclusion presented to us. Continue reading A Suggestion for Concerned Black People with Undergraduate Degrees

Missing Persons: Niggerati

I recently had to accept the fact that the lion’s share of my social disappointment arose from an unsatisfied desire for the company of an energetic Niggerati. The expectation had to be withdrawn in the face of heavy resistance to research and letters, which is surprising considering the fact that many of the present questions and arguments regarding current events are identical to those recorded … Continue reading Missing Persons: Niggerati